Huron Substation
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Birth of a Substation

Listed as Historic Cultural Monument #404 by the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission as the Los Angeles Railway Huron Substation, the building was built in 1906 from a design by engineer Edward S. Cobb.  It is the second oldest surviving substation in the city which housed equipment to convert high-voltage electricity supplied by the Edison Company to the 600 volts current used by the L.A. Railways “Yellow Cars,” providing urban transportation for many years.

I’ve Been Shot

The substation has lent its character to numerous feature film, television and photo shoots such as “Secretary”, “Must Love Dogs”, “Fast & Furious”, “Catwoman”, “The Kids Are Alright”, “Date Night”, Dollhouse”, “Heroes”, The Los Angeles Times and GQ magazine.  The building could represent a turn of the century structure, a firehouse, a stable house, a warehouse, a gallery, or an architectural office, etc. In addition, the building has more of an east coast sensibility and could play a New York loft or an old New York firehouse or exterior.

Brick a Brack

The Huron Substation hosts uniquely cultural events, most recently Cinema at the Station and Art at the Station.  Adding to that repertoire, Scotch at the Station (a private club for Scotch tastings) and Oktoberfest at the Station, a Polka Dot Centennial.

Weddings at the Station. The Huron SubStation, being an old trolley power station, may seem like a non-traditional wedding venue. And that is is, it’s a combination of unique meets stylish, sophisticated meets rustic, and almost always described as a hidden gem. We never advertise or choose to appear in the wedding magazines or major blogs. However we would probably be defined in the “unbuttoned elegance” and Perfectly Imperfect” categories. 

Cinema at the Station, a collaborative effort with Videothèque, has included such events as “Bastille Day,” with a DJ mixing Serge Gainsbourg alongside an indoor/outdoor screening of “Breathless” as well as the Valentine's Day screening of “The Killers” and “Bonnie and Clyde” entitled “Put A Bullet Through Your Heart,” a sentimental celebration of Valentine's Day.

Art at the Station (often in association with the NELA Art Walk, see transforms the building into a gallery for one night only, often featuring local artists and a DJ.  The most recent Art at the Station event was entitled “Heavy Metal Unplugged” featuring large-scale metal sculptures lit by candlelight, as well as a forge creating bronze sculptures in the garden and plenty of clay for everyone to make their own.

Indeed, currently in the front yard of the building is a living art installation, Chickens at the guessed it: chickens living in a miniature airstream, donating their eggs and enjoying life in this urban oasis.